BH59 or BH90 - Which Shimano Hose Insert Do I Need?

BH59 or BH90 - Which Shimano Hose Insert Do I Need?

BH59 or BH90 - Which Shimano Hose Insert Do I Need?

If you are shortening your Shimano brake hoses and you are not sure which hydraulic hose insert to use then you have landed in the right place.

Below you will find a list of Shimano hydraulic brake model numbers arranged by lever/calliper combination. Simply look up your model number to identify whether you need the BH59 or BH90 hose insert.

Tip: If you know the model number of your brake, use the search function in your browser to find the entry in the table below.

Also, don't forget that you can find Shimano olives and inserts in our Shimano Hose Shortening Kit, along with the rest of the tools needed to get the job done and if you're bleeding the brakes at the same time check out our bleed kits for Shimano MTB and Shimano road brakes.

Last updated: 17/04/2023

Model Combination Hose Type
Lever Calliper BH59 BH90
BL-M9000 BR-M9000
BL-M9020 BR-M9020
BL-M820 BR-M820
BL-M8000 BR-M8000
BL-M8000 BR-M8020
BL-T8000 BR-M8000
BL-M7000 BR-M7000
BL-M615 BR-M615
BL-T675 BR-T675
BL-M640 BR-M640
BL-M6000 BR-M6000
BL-T6000 BR-M6000
BL-RS600 BR-RS405
ST-M4050 BR-M4050
ST-M3050 BR-M3050
BL-MT500 BR-MT500
BL-T445 BR-M446
BL-M365 BR-M365
BL-M785 BR-M785
BL-M315 BR-M315
ST-EF505 BR-M315
BL-S700 BR-S700
ST-R9180 BR-R9170
ST-R785 BR-RS805
ST-R785 BR-RS785
ST-R785 BR-R785
ST-RS685 BR-RS805
ST-RS685 BR-RS785
ST-RS685 BR-R785
ST-RS505 BR-RS785
ST-RS505 BR-RS505
ST-RS405 BR-RS785
ST-RS405 BR-RS505
ST-RS405 BR-RS405
ST-R7020 BR-R7070
ST-R7025 BR-R7070
BR-M665 BR-M665
BL-MT501 BR-MT520
ST-R9170 BR-R9170
ST-R8070 BR-R8070
ST-RX400 BR-RX400
BR-MT200 BL-MT200
BR-MT200 BL-MT201
BR-M505 BL-M505
BR-M355 BL-M355
ST-RX815-R BR-RX810-F
BL-M6100 BR-M6100
BL-M6100 BR-M6120
BL-M675-B BR-M675
ST-4720-L BR-4770-R
ST-4725 BR-4770-F
BL-M775 BR-M775
BL-M7100 BR-M7120
BL-MT401 BR-MT420
BL-M4100 BR-MT410
BL-M6100 BR-M6100
BL-M975 BR-M975
BL-M8100 BR-M8120
BL-M596 BR-M596
BL-M775 BR-M775
ST-R7170 BR-R7170
ST-R9270 BR-R9270
ST-R9170 BR-R9170
ST-R9180 BR-R9170
ST-R9120 BR-R9170
ST-R8170 BR-R8170


If your Shimano brake model number is not listed please contact us to let us know and we'll add it to the list.

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  • BR-MT 420?

    Colbeck Daniel on

  • For the BH-90. there are 3 versions. SM-BH90-SS. SM-BH90-JK and SM-BH90-SB.
    The SS is straight through for post mount brakes and mountain bike levers. The JK is for flat mount brakes for Road Bikes and the SB is for the banjo type brake connectors. I had a heck of a time trying to figure out exactly which one I needed for the road bike and when I found these explanations I thought it would be helpful for everyone here to see the difference too… Happy New Year 2022

    Stid Stid on

  • Hi I have some older Saint BL-M800 levers which are not on your list. Are they BH59 or BH90?

    Daan John on

  • Thanks this was a great help !!!

    Ge Hu on

  • Can you use Shimano BH59 brake hose on avid Juicy 3’s

    Bernadette Stanley on

  • ST-RS505 can use BH90 and BH59 both, right?

    박진영 on

  • Hi I got a pickle here, trying to match ST-RX400 brake levers with M355 calipers. My question here would be what is the real difference between the two hosees/olives?

    Mimo Vankus on

  • Can I use BL-T6000 with MT520? What hose then? Thanks!

    Luis Ángel Curiel Sanz on

  • SLX M675????

    Marian Samuhel on

  • I Have a set of M355s are these bh59 or bh90?

    Joe Page-Harries on

  • My brake lever and caliper from X-Spark BH59 or BH90 do i need?
    Thank you

    Rizky Fauzan on

  • My brake lever is BL-MT201 – BH59 or BH90 do I need?

    Martin Dobrev on

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