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About Us

Like the idea of stumping up £40 to bleed your brakes?
Neither did we.


Back in 2010, after flat-out refusing to pay the high price for a genuine Avid bleed kit, we decided to create our own from a couple of second hand syringes, a length of tubing and a couple of off-the-peg bleed adaptors. It was a crude solution, but it got the job done.


Ever since then we've been on a mission to help cyclists all over the world bleed their hydraulic brakes for less - and not just Avids.


We now offer you the widest range of bleed kits online today, including solutions for Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hope, Magura, Shimano and more - or bleed the lot with our unique Universal Bleed Kit.


Of course we've made a few refinements to our bleed kits along the way. Secure, modular components, custom machined bleed adaptors and industrial strength tubing to name a few. All hand-built, designed to last and guaranteed to get you back on or off road as quickly as possible.


We're proud to say that we have helped thousands of riders bleed their brakes for less and helped many more with our comprehensive blog posts and how-to guides.


With customers ranging from local bike shop owners, mobile cycle mechanics, cycle training centres and even the brake manufacturers themselves, so far we've served a broad cross-section of the cycling community.


We're also recommended by some BIG names in the mountain bike industry.


trusted by the trade


But not all our customers are expert bike boffins. Our biggest and most loved customer is simply the rider and cycle maintenance have-a-go-hero - yes, we're looking at you! It's never been easier to bleed your own brakes and keep them performing like new.


Let us show you how easy it can be!
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