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What equipment do I need to bleed my brakes?

What equipment do I need to bleed my brakes?

The equipment needed to bleed hydraulic mountain bike brakes differs slightly from model to model but regardless of which brake you're trying to bleed you will usually need the following:

  • Bleed Kit - containing syringes, bleed adaptors, how-to instructions
  • Brake Fluid - DOT or Mineral Oil, depending on your brake model
  • Bleed Block - to keep the calliper pistons in the reset position during the bleed process
  • Basic Tools - for removing bleed port screws, brake pads and adjusting the position of your brake lever or calliper
  • Protective equipment and paper towels - brake fluid can be nasty stuff. Keeping it off your hands and out of your eyes is always a good idea

The picture below shows the equipment needed to carry out a full bleed of an Avid brake system.


tools needed for avid brake bleeding

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