How difficult is it to bleed brakes?

How difficult is it to bleed brakes?

How difficult is it to bleed brakes?

As a keen cyclist you will no doubt be used to maintaining your bike, or at least you've dipped your toe in the water with the more straight-forward jobs. Brake bleeding is no different. At some point your brakes will need bleeding and you'll be glad to know it's not as scary as it sounds.

With the vast amount of help out there in the form of how-to tutorials and online videos, there's no reason why even those new to everyday cycle maintenance can't easily complete the task of bleeding hydraulic brakes.

Below I've summarised the procedure needed to bleed Avid brakes. Each set of mountain bike brakes are bled slightly differently, but this should give you an overview of the main steps involved.


avid bleed procedure


Aside from filling your syringes with brake fluid and removing your brake pads this shows you just how easy bleeding your own brakes can be. Easy, right?

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