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Bleed Tool for SRAM Bleeding Edge

Type: Bleed Kits

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  • Bleed tool for use with SRAM's Bleeding Edge calliper bleed port.
  • Makes bleeding quick and simple and minimises fluid loss.
  • Compatible with Code, G2, Guide, Level, eTap HRD & others.
  • 30ml Locking syringe included.
  • Combine with existing bleed kit for compatibility with the latest SRAM callipers.
  • Full SRAM Bleed Kit available (which includes this tool).

SRAM's new Bleeding Edge technology makes bleeding their latest range of brakes quick and simple. SRAM introduced their S4 calliper in 2017 which saw the redesign of the calliper bleed port. It now requires this Bleeding Edge Tool in order to bleed the brake system.

This handy kit, complete with 30ml locking syringe, is a great addition to your existing Epic bleed kit, or you can upgrade to our full bleed kit which includes this bleed tool.

Compatible with 2017+ (S4) SRAM brake callipers including Code R/RSC, Guide R/RS/RSC/T/Ultimate, G2, Level TLM/Ultimate, RED eTap HRD, S-900 Aero HRD.

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