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What is meant by 'degassing' brake fluid?

What is meant by 'degassing' brake fluid?

Degassing will allow you to remove the tiny air bubbles trapped inside the brake fluid. By creating a vacuum inside your syringe these tiny air bubbles expand and rise towards the tip of the syringe for easy removal.

Removing the majority of these tiny air bubbles, before introducing the fluid into your brake system, should result in a better bleed and a firmer feeling brake lever.

How do I Degas the Brake Fluid?

Degassing DOT brake fluid with syringe prior to bleeding Avid brakes

Hold each syringe with the tip pointed up and close the tube clamp. Now pull on the syringe plunger to create a vacuum.

Bubbles will start to appear and grow in size. With the plunger pulled down, tap the sides of the syringe to encourage the air to rise to the top of the syringe. Once the bubbles have stopped rising, open the tube clamp, cover the tip with paper towel and slowly push out the air.

Repeat this process several times to remove as much air as possible. You will not be able to remove all of the air.

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