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Shimano Mineral Oil Brake Fluid (SM-DB-OIL) - 1 Litre

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  • Genuine Shimano mineral oil brake fluid (SM-DB-OIL),
  • Suitable for use inside all Shimano disc brake models.
  • Handy 1 litre bottle perfect for workshop use.
  • Fully compatible with our range of Shimano bleed kits and mineral oil syringes.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-corrosive.

If you regularly service Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, this 1 litre container is a must-have for your workshop. Only beaten in value by our own mineral oil brake fluid.

Compatible with all Shimano disc brakes as well as all all other mineral oil-based brake systems by other disc brake manufacturers. 

It's non-corrosive, environmentally friendly nature means it will not damage your bike's paintwork.

Can be used with our range of Shimano disc brake bleed kits and mineral oil syringes.

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