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Bleed Kit for Shimano Road Disc Brakes & Mineral Oil

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  • BRAND NEW! Updated design now includes bleed block designed specifically for Shimano road callipers and improved funnel adapter.
  • Designed to fit all Shimano road disc brakes including 105, DURA-ACE, GRX, Ultegra & Tiagra.
  • The most comprehensive bleed kit we've ever made!
  • Includes all essential components including bleed funnel and adapter, tube holder, 7mm spanner and bleed block.
  • Fully compatible with Shimano mountain bike disc brakes too.
  • 100ml mineral oil included. Enough for 2-3 bleeds.
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions.
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced brake bleeders.

Bleed your Shimano road disc brakes easily and quickly with our Shimano road bleed kit. Complete with 100ml mineral oil - enough to bleed both brakes multiple times. 

Everything is here to get the job done including our brand new bleed funnel and adapter, a 7mm spanner for opening the bleed nipple and our very own tube holder for securely locking the bleed tube in place.

We use syringes designed for mineral oil, unlike other bleed kits, making them perfect for bleeding your Shimano road disc brakes.

Brand new design now includes a bleed block designed specifically for Shimano road callipers and an improved funnel adapter.

Compatible with all hydraulic Shimano road disc brakes including 105, DURA-ACE, GRX, Ultegra & Tiagra.

Download instruction sheet - .pdf

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