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Park Tool Hydraulic Brake Piston Press (PP-1.2)

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  • The PP-1.2 makes bicycle hydraulic disc brake maintenance faster and easier.
  • Unique wedge-shaped blade fits between pads easily.

The PP-1.2 slides between disc brake pads inside the calliper, allowing the user to spread the pads and compress the hydraulic pistons when replacing pads, aligning pads, or performing other service procedures. The PP-1.2 expands the gap between the pads, making it easy to insert the disc between the pads when reinstalling a calliper or wheel.

Dual density handle provides a positive grip. Fits into most hydraulic disc brake calliper bodies, including Shimano® XTR®.

Its unique, wedge-shaped blade slides into a hydraulic disc brake calliper to quickly pre-set the pistons when replacing or resetting the pads.


  • The tapered end of the PP-1.2 is 25mm wide.
  • Total insertable length of the tool is 26 mm.
  • Thickness of the wedge is 4.1 mm.

NOTE: Wedge-style piston tools such as the PP-1.2 are not intended for use with brake systems that utilize ceramic pistons, such as Shimano road disc brake callipers.

Instructions for pad replacement:

1. Remove wheel from bike.

2. Insert PP-1.2 between brake pads, pushing tool to spread the two pistons into the calliper body.

3. Pull PP-1.2 from calliper body.

4. Remove pads and replace with new pads as recommended by brake manufacturer.

5. Reinstall wheel in bike.

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