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Frame Juice - Matt Finish Detailer - 500ml


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  • Buffs your matt bits back to brilliance.
  • Removes greasy marks.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Restores plastic parts to brilliance.
  • Leaves a long-lasting, protective finish.
  • Repels water and mud.
  • Carbon fibre safe.
  • Blueberry scented!

Frame Juice Matt is your Blueberry scented secret formula to a beautiful matt finish. It protects and preserves, stepping in to buff your bike to brilliance leaving no streaks, smears or oily marks.

It restores matt paint jobs, vinyl and plastic parts back to good-as-new brilliance and leaves a dry, non-sticky protective force-field behind that will shrug off mud and water. Did we mention it also smells nice and it's biodegradable?

It works a treat on mountain bikes, road bikes and everything in between.


Give your bike a wash and a proper dry off. Use Frame Juice as your final touch-up to buff your bike to brilliance.


Give the bottle a shake. Make sure everything’s clean and dry. Spray onto a cloth or directly onto any matt surfaces.


Gently polish those matt bits with your cloth (micro-fibre is best!) and buff to an even finish. Leave your buffed bits to dry and admire how fresh they look.

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