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Big Softy - Soft Wash Brush


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  • Large brush head.
  • Soft bristle tips.
  • Tough impact resistant rubberised handle and impact zones.
  • Angled for easy use.
  • Ideal for wheels, tyres, frame, forks etc.

A big softy for your sensitive bits. Use the Softy on your frame, fork, wheels, bars and anywhere else you fancy.

The Big Softy wash brush has a dirty great big head with silky-soft bristles to be kind on paint and tough on grime. The angled head makes it a doddle to use whilst the rubberised impact zones prevent any unwanted knocks or scrapes.

As with all things, go steady. Excessive rubbing or pressure won’t do any good and could lead to surface scratching. For really sensitive bits, we’d recommend a sponge or microfibre cloth.

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