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Bleed Kit for Hayes Brakes & 100ml Fluid

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  • Full DIY brake bleed kit for your Hayes brakes.
  • Compatible with Dominion, Dyno, Prime, Radar, Stroker, So1e & Nine models.
  • 100ml High performance DOT brake fluid included.
  • High quality, custom-made bleed fittings.
  • Bleed block and tube holder included.
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions.
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced brake bleeders.

Bleed your Hayes brakes for less with our fully comprehensive Hayes bleed kit.

Compatible with Hayes Dominion, Dyno, Prime, Radar, Stroker, So1e and Nine models.

Available with a selection of brake fluid choices or none at all allowing you to tailor your Hayes bleed kit to your needs. 

Choosing the right brake fluid is important to prevent damage to your brakes. See the table below for guidance. Please select the correct brake fluid choice from the menu before purchasing.


Model: Brake Fluid Type:
Mineral oil 
Dominion, Dyno, Prime, Stroker, So1e & Nine DOT 4 or 5.1


As with all of our bleed kits we provide you with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the bleed process.

Download instruction sheet - .pdf

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