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Bleed Kit O-ring Seals

Type: Accessories

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  • Direct replacement seals for our 5mm threaded bleed adapters.
  • Suits our Avid, Formula, Reverb, SRAM & Universal bleed kits.
  • 100% Compatible with DOT brake fluid.

 Sold in a pack of 5, these are direct replacement o-ring seals for our 5mm threaded bleed adapter fittings included in a wide range of our bleed kits, including our Avid, Formula, Reverb, SRAM and Universal bleed kits.

O-rings can often become baggy or deformed after multiple uses. This can compromise the air tight seal needed to perform a successful bleed of the brake system. Replace your worn out o-rings with this set and have your bleed kit feeling and looking brand new again.

Size: 4 x 1mm. 100% compatible with DOT brake fluid.

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