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Bleed Fitting for RockShox Charger Damper

Type: Bleed Kits

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  • Bleed fitting to fit the RockShox Charger Damper 1.
  • Includes bleed fitting, tubing and secure syringe connector.
  • Ready to fit to your existing RockShox Reverb bleed kit.
  • Compatible with all RockShox Charger Damper 1 equipped suspension forks.

Our bleed fitting for RockShox Charger Damper 1 is necessary to perform a full bleed and service of your Charger damper equipped suspension fork. 

Complete with tubing and secure syringe adaptor so it's ready to use with any other bleed kit. No need to hack away at your existing bleed kit, simply swap the bleed fittings over and you're ready to go!

Fully compatible with all Charger Damper 1 equipped RockShox suspension forks including - Pike DJ, Pike RC, Pike RCT3, BoXXer Team, BoXXer World Cup and the BoXXer Charger Damper Upgrade Kit.

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