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Epic Formula Cura 4 Disc Brake Pads

Pad Compound

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Experience unmatched stopping power and control with our disc brake pads for Formula Cura 4 brakes. Available in organic brake pad compound.

  • Easy Installation: Simple to install ensuring you spend more time on the trail or on the road. Direct replacement for OEM brake pads. Pad springs are supplied where required.
  • Consistent Braking: Enjoy reliable and predictable braking performance in various weather conditions.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand extended use, our brake pads are built to last, reducing your maintenance needs and increasing your riding time.

Dimensions: (w)44.0mm x (h)26.0mm
Compounds: Organic


Cura 4

Brake Pad Compounds Explained
■ Organic

Organic brake pads, also known as resin or Kevlar pads, offer low noise and are very quick to bed-in due to their softer composition. Delivering a strong initial bite you can feel the power as soon as you apply the brakes. Expect them to wear faster than alternative compounds. Perfect for dry and dusty conditions.


Combining the very best of organic and sintered brake pads, our semi-metallic pad compound delivers it all with a strong initial bite and increased durability over organic pads. The aluminium backing plate offers weight savings of around 50% making it the perfect race pad!


A long-life metal brake pad compound delivering strong stopping power in the most demanding weather conditions. When the trails turn wet and gritty these pads stand up to the abuse! Perfect for downhill riders  or when extended pad life and durability are essential.


Our ceramic brake pads deliver ultra low noise operation and long lasting performance even in wet conditions when compared with organic and semi-metallic brake pads. Additional copper fibres embedded in the pad material help to increase friction and dissipate heat. A durable pad that's easy on the ears!


A true upgrade for your e-bike brakes. When maximum stopping power and longevity are top your list of priorities — and they should be! These pads are built to withstand the demands of high-intensity and high-endurance riding conditions. Suitable for both e-bikes and regular bikes, they ensure exceptional performance and durability.

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