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Bleed Syringe - 3-Part - DOT Fluid

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  • High quality, multiple use bleed kit syringe.
  • Suitable for use with DOT brake fluid.
  • As supplied with our range of DOT brake bleed kits.
  • 3-part syringe including rubber plunger seal.
  • Available in 3 sizes and in locking and non-locking variants.

These syringes from HSW are the best we've come across - and we've tried our fair share of syringes! That's why we now include them in all of our bleed kits.

With a highly transparent barrel to help you see air bubbles more clearly they also come complete with ergonomic finger grips for greater control and they're also latex and PVC-free. Simply disconnect your old syringe from your existing bleed kit and replace with new.

3-part syringes are suitable for use with DOT brake fluid and are not recommended for mineral oil. For syringes suitable with mineral oil please see our range of 2-part, mineral oil syringes.

Syringes supplied individually as shown.

Locking vs Non-locking

There are two types of syringe tips available: locking and non-locking.

Non-locking syringes have a traditional, tapered tip and are used to push-fit directly into some bleed ports where a threaded bleed fitting is not recommended. The EBT bleed port by Magura would be an example. They are also great for open-reservoir bleeds where you need to manually drain the fluid reservoir bath.

Locking syringes are supplied in most of our bleed kits and provide a secure fit between the syringe and the bleed fitting, meaning that when pressure is applied to the syringe plunger there is no chance of sudden disconnection.

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