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Bleed Block Spacers for Magura Brakes

Type: Spares

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  • Designed specifically for Magura 4-piston brake callipers - CT5, MT5, MT Trail, and MT7.
  • Also compatible with all 2-piston brakes.
  • Dual size design - 10mm & 12mm!
  • Chamfered ends for easy insertion.
  • Essential tool when bleeding Magura MT disc brakes.
  • This pack includes two bleed blocks.

The latest 4-piston brake calliper design by Magura has seen them introduce a bridge between each set of pistons rendering our standard bleed block incompatible. 

Introducing our twin pack of bleed block spacers designed specifically for use with 4-piston Magura callipers - you won't find these anywhere else!

Fully compatible with the following 4-piston models from Magura: CT5, MT5, MT Trail, and MT7.

Their unique shape means they are not limited to Magura brakes but they are also fully compatible with 2-piston and 4-piston brake models from other manufacturers.

The double-sided design includes 10mm and 12mm bleed blocks offering greater flexibility and compatibility with other brake models. 

Make these the centrepiece of your brake-bleeding arsenal today!

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