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Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner - 500ml


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  • Suitable for use on all types of bike. Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter.
  • Complete drivetrain cleaning solution.
  • Fast acting powerful formula.
  • Safely emulsifies drivetrain grime and contaminants.
  • Leaves a clean residue free surface once rinsed with fresh water.
  • Can be applied by brush, trigger spray, or used in a chain cleaning tool.
  • Out performs more traditional drivetrain cleaning products.
  • Safe for use on metals, plastics, rubber, anodised and painted surfaces.
  • Does not damage seals.

Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner is the guv’nor on grime. It’s a powerful and no nonsense chain cleaner that’ll bring your buggered bits back to brilliant in no time.

It goes straight on to grimy chains, cassettes and jockey wheels and issues filth its P45. In fact, it’ll work on any bits on your bike that are properly caked with grease and grime.

Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner is designed to be a more powerful cleaner than Dirt Juice Drivetrain Degreaser, our classic cleaner, and brewed for the grottiest of grime.


Start by rinsing your ride with clean water.

You can apply Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner using a Dirty Little Scrubber chain bath, paint it on with a brush or fill a shallow container and dip your bits in.

Leave Boss to soak for 5 minutes… Just long enough to make a cuppa.


Once it's soaked for a couple of minutes, give your drive train a good scrubbing with a soft brush. 

For best results always agitate the areas to be cleaned with a brush after application to help loosen soil and drivetrain grime.


Finally, rinse with fresh water and reapply chain lube.

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