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Hose Shortening Kit - SRAM


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  • Streamline your cockpit by shortening those ugly, long brake hoses with our DIY hose shortening kit.
  • Includes 2 compression olives and 2 Stealth-a-majig® hose inserts for SRAM brakes.
  • Compatible with all SRAM brake hoses - MTB & road.
  • Includes our hydraulic brake hose cutter for perfect, 90-degree cuts every time.
  • Secure your hose with our hose clamp tool while you work.
  • Fully illustrated how-to guide included.
  • Perfect for seasoned bike mechanics and DIY users alike.

Don't let unsightly brake hoses ruin the look of your pride and joy. Keep them in check by trimming them to the perfect length with this DIY hose shortening kit.

Shortening your hydraulic brake lines is a simple task which can be done without having to bleed the brakes afterwards - so long as you're careful! Our fully illustrated instruction sheet will walk you through the process. 

Everything is here to get the job done fast including our handy hose cutter for straight, clean cuts and our hose clamping tool to assist with the installation of the new jewellery.

The kit includes 2 brand new hose compression olives and 2 Stealth-a-majig® hose inserts for SRAM brakes. Suitable for all SRAM brake hoses including mountain bike and road models.

Offer: Don't get caught out! Add our SRAM Bleed Kit & DOT Fluid or our SRAM Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil for ultimate peace of mind and save 10% off the full price. (Note: Select mineral oil for SRAM DB8 brakes only.)

We also have hose shortening kits available for Avid, Formula, Hayes, Hope, Magura and ShimanoClick here to see the full collection.

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