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Bleed Kit for SRAM Brakes & DOT 5.1 Fluid

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  • Bleed your hydraulic SRAM brakes with this bleed kit.
  • Compatible with all DOT fluid SRAM models including Code, G2, Guide, Level Rival & eTap HRD.
  • Not compatible with SRAM DB8 (mineral oil) brakes. Click here for our SRAM DB8 bleed kit.
  • Includes bleed tool for models with the latest SRAM Bleeding Edge bleed port.
  • 100ml High performance DOT 5.1 brake fluid included.
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions.
  • Bleed block & rotor correction tool included.
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced brake bleeders.

Bleed your SRAM hydraulic MTB and road disc brakes with this all-in-one bleed kit for SRAM brakes. Compatible with DOT fluid SRAM brake models including Code, DB5, G2, Guide, Level, RED HRD eTap, Force, Rival, Apex, S-700 & S-900.

NEW! Bleeding SRAM DB8 mineral oil brakes? Click here for our new SRAM DB8 Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil.

Includes bleed tool for SRAM's Bleeding Edge bleed port.

Our bleed kit for SRAM Brakes includes 100ml of high performance DOT 5.1 brake fluid, enough to bleed your brakes 2-3 times! Our brake fluid bottles are sealed and 100% air tight, so you know what you're getting is fresh!

Download instruction sheet - .pdf

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Is this bleed kit compatible with SRAM hydraulic road brakes?

Yes, our SRAM bleed kit is compatible with hydraulic road brake models from SRAM including Rival, Force, & RED eTap.

Does this bleed kit work with SRAM Guide RE brakes?

Yes, our SRAM bleed kit is compatible with all SRAM brake models which use DOT brake fluid including SRAM Guide.

Does this bleed kit work with SRAM DB8 brakes?

No, the SRAM DB8 model uses mineral oil whereas this bleed kit is designed to work with DOT fluid. You can find our bleed kit for SRAM DB8 brakes here.

Does the SRAM bleed kit include fittings for both Bleeding Edge and standard connections?

Yes. Our SRAM bleed kit includes the Bleeding Edge bleed port fitting for newer SRAM models and standard threaded fittings for older models.

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