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2.5wt Reverb Suspension Fluid - 100ml

Type: Fluids

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  • Genuine quality  Reverb 2.5wt suspension fluid in a handy 100ml bottle.
  • Direct replacement fluid for RockShox Reverb seat post & xLoc/1x remote.
  • Foil-sealed and 100% airtight container for extra freshness.
  • Perfect for bleeding the RockShox Reverb seat post.

Direct replacement 2.5wt suspension Fluid for bleeding your RockShox Reverb seat post and xLoc/1x remote as supplied with our own RockShox Reverb Bleed Kit.

Has your Reverb seat post developed a slow return action? Restore it to it's former glory by combining this fluid with our Reverb Bleed Kit and breathe new life into your seat post today.

Fresher than fresh! Our bottles are foil-sealed and 100% airtight. This not only prevents accidental leaks, it also prolongs shelf life of the fluid and guarantees you 100% fresh fluid every time you order.

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