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Which brake pads do SRAM Level brakes use?

Which brake pads do SRAM Level brakes use?

Whether you're swapping out old brake pads or looking to boost your bike's performance, knowing which brake pads work with SRAM Level brakes is your starting point.

Identifying which brake pads will fit is as simple as matching the shape of your existing pads. Check out the images below for the correct brake pad shape and sizes for SRAM Level 2-piston and SRAM Level 4-piston brakes.

SRAM Level 2-Piston

Epic SRAM Level / DB / Red / Rival / Force / XX Disc Brake Pads

SRAM Level 4-Piston

Epic SRAM G2 / Guide / Level Stealth Disc Brake Pads

Brake Pad Compounds

Once you have identified the correct brake pad shape and size for your brake model you will need to select a brake pad compound to suit your riding style. The brake pad compound relates to the type of friction material used and pads with differing compounds can usually be identified by the colour of the metal backing plate.

Our SRAM Level brake pads are available in organic, semi-metallic, sintered and ceramic brake pad compounds. Check out the full range for SRAM Level 2-piston and SRAM Level 4-piston brakes.

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