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Spongejob Cleanparts Sponge & Cloth Pack


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  • Incredibly strong compared to conventional sponges.
  • Very durable - won't snag or tear like regular sponges.
  • Doesn't hold onto oil, grease and grime can simply be washed out.
  • Super absorbent.
  • Low dirt retention.
  • Soft and gentle cleaning.

SpongeJob is a two-piece sponge and cloth combo. The sponge is for general cleaning and the cloth is for those hard to reach bits – both are super soft, easy to clean and won’t mess up your paint or suspension.

How you use old SpongeJob is up to you – we like to use the Sponge as part of that first wet-wash to get the worst of the mud off. The Cloth works well for the fine details and will help get into those tight nooks and crannies.


Use in combo with Dirt Juice and your garden hose for those fine details and finishing touches. Get your bike lathered up, get the worst of the dirt off, give it a good clean and get ready to rub. Get the Sponge and Cloth nice and wet before use for best performance.


Use SpongeJob for the perfect clean. The Sponge is great for all-over rubbing and cleaning. Don't be shy, get some elbow grease going. The Cloth is great for wiping, flossing, buffing and hard-to-reach areas. Use your imagination.


Rinse with clean water and a little bit of Dirt Juice. If your Sponge and Cloth dry out between uses, don't panic. A decent soaking will soften them up again.

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