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Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner - Double Pack


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  • Package includes 1L of Dirt Juice Bike Cleaner and 1L of Dirt Juice Super Concentrate.
  • Makes up to 11 litres of Bike Cleaner.
  • Amazing value double pack that will last for months.
  • Tough on mud, kind on paint bike wash.
  • The best value way to buy bike cleaner.
  • Biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging.

A double-trouble-for-dirt twin pack of Dirt Juice and Dirt Juice Super.

On their own these guys are deadly on mud and muck, grease and grime. Combined they’re a Batman and Robin grime fighting duo, kicking your bike back to a showroom shine. And, of course, they're biodegradable to be kind on the environment.

The Dirt Juice Double Pack gives you a 1 litre bottle of Dirt Juice Bike Wash with a spray trigger and a 1 litre bottle of Dirt Juice Super Concentrate.

Dirt Juice Super is our undiluted, concentrated cleaner. It's a smart, powerful degreaser that's perfect for washing dirty bikes like cassettes and chains.

But... it's not just a degreaser. Add water and Dirt Juice Super transforms into Dirt Juice Bike Wash - a tough-as-nails, simple and great value bike wash that's kind on paint but tough on grime.

Once mixed with water the double pack will create a whopping 11 litres of bike wash and should last for hundreds of bike washes. It's the best value way to buy your bike wash, hands down.

You can reuse both bottles as many times as you like and, when you're done, they're fully recyclable.

NEW: Now with brand new Super Foamy Trigger for an extra foamy squirt! You asked for it, and we did it. Makes washing your whip easier than ever.

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