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Park Tool Disc Brake Pad Spreader (PS-1)

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  • Allows you to separate the disc brake pads easily after accidental engagement.
  • Head of the PS-1 tool acts as a stand-in for a brake rotor during bleeding and brake tuning.

Park Tool's PS-1 disc brake spreader tool isn't just a help in an emergency when the brake pads of hydraulic disc brakes have been accidentally pushed together when the wheel is removed. The handy spreader is also available as a replacement brake disc for maintenance and inspection work on the disc brake without installing the wheel.

A must-have tool for any rider or mechanic who services hydraulic brakes. The PS-1 Pad Spreader features a tapered edge designed to drive apart and reset hydraulic bicycle brake pads that may have been accidentally engaged.

The head of the PS-1 mimics a section of disc brake rotor, with strong stainless steel construction and a long, vinyl-dipped handle for leverage and comfort.

The PS-1 can also be used as a temporary stand-in for the rotor when testing or servicing the hydraulic system, negating the need to repeatedly remove and install the wheel.

• Thickness: 1.95 mm (0.08")

• Length: 162 mm (6.4")

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