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3wt Charger Damper Suspension Fluid - 100ml

Type: Fluids

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  • Genuine quality 3wt suspension fluid in a handy 100ml bottle.
  • Direct replacement fluid for RockShox Charger Damper equipped forks.
  • Foil-sealed and 100% airtight container for extra freshness.
  • Perfect for bleeding the RockShox Charger 1 & 2 Damper.

Direct replacement 3wt suspension Fluid for bleeding your RockShox Charger 1 & 2 Damper, as supplied with our own RockShox Charger Damper Bleed Kit.

Fresher than fresh! Our bottles are foil-sealed and 100% airtight. This not only prevents accidental leaks, it also prolongs shelf life of the fluid and guarantees you 100% fresh fluid every time you order.

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