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Tyre Juice Tubeless Tyre Sealant - 140ml


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  • Suitable for Downhill/Enduro/Road/Gravel/MTB.
  • Contains fibre particles to help fill large holes and tears.
  • Ammonia-free synthetic latex.
  • Lasts up to 9 months and seals up to 7mm holes.
  • Seals porous tyres and bead/rim gaps.
  • Operating pressures 15-120psi.
  • CO2 Compatible.
  • Water washable.
  • Compatible with tubeless-ready and full UST wheels/tyres.
  • Non-corrosive formula.
  • No latex so no latex allergy problems.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Note: Not to be mixed with natural latex sealants.

Tyre Juice is a World Cup downhill used, abused and approved sealant.

Tyre Juice wards off punctures and pinch-flats by coating your rubber in a protective force field.

Slosh it in and you’ll enjoy a puncture-proof performance on the thorny roads and rocky trails. It also allows you to run lower pressures, meaning more grip, more comfort and more speed.

It’s a doddle to install and battles faff every time you ride.

Our unique design seals holes up to 7mm, doesn't ball up and is ammonia-free so won’t damage wheels or tyres and won’t cause allergic reactions. It's water washable for less mess and should last 6-9 months between top-ups.

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