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Bleed Kit for Magura MT & Mineral Oil

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  • Compatible with all Magura disc brake models. Optimised for MT-series.
  • Brand new bleed kit with improved bleed procedure.
  • Mineral oil-specific syringes now included with every kit.
  • Includes our unique 4-piston bleed blocks not found anywhere else!
  • 100ml high performance mineral oil brake fluid included.
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions.
  • Perfect for home, DIY and workshop use.

Brakes feeling underpowered? Fix that spongy brake lever with our bleed kit for Magura MT-series disc brakes. Excess lever travel is the number one sign of air inside the braking system, causing slack levers and killing braking performance. Use our bleed kit to remove all air from the system and start braking with confidence again, enabling you to brake later and ride faster!

This pro-level bleed kit includes our unique 4-piston bleed blocks, 100ml high-performance mineral oil brake fluid and syringes designed for mineral oil - not found in other bleed kits!

Compatible with all Magura disc brakes including old and new models. Optimised for MT-series - MT4, MT5, MT7, MT8 PRO, TRAIL, ESTOP, MTC4-MTC5, SL, SPORT, E-BIKE.

As with all of our bleed kits we provide you with step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the bleed process.

Download instruction sheet - .pdf

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