Which Shimano Bleed Kit do I need?

To find out which Shimano Bleed Kit you need for your particular model of Shimano brake we need to take a closer look at the lever assembly design. In the picture below we can see the clear difference in the two lever assembly designs.

The first brake lever (Deore M595) has the older design with the removable reservoir cap, denoted by the two small cross-head screws holding it in place. This cap is removed during the bleed procedure.

Whereas the second brake (Deore M615) illustrates the new lever assembly design. As you will notice there are still two screws but this time one is larger than the other. This larger screw is the lever bleed port, which is removed during the bleed procedure to enable you to thread in your bleed syringe or funnel. With brakes of this design the reservoir top cap is designed to remain in place during bleeding making for a faster, more user-friendly bleed.

Old Shimano brake fluid reservoir vs new brake lever design 2012

Still unsure which bleed kit to choose?

If you're still confused about which Shimano Bleed Kit you require for your brake model take a look at the table below:

Model Bleed Kit needed
M355 2012-on
M395 2012-on
M396 2012-on
M445 2012-on
M446 2012-on
M485 Pre-2012
M505 Pre-2012
M575 2012-on
Alivio M4050 2012-on
Deore M506 2012-on
Deore M585 Pre-2012
Deore M595 Pre-2012
Deore M596 2012-on
Deore M615 2012-on
Deore T615 2012-on
SLX M665 Pre-2012
SLX M666 2012-on
SLX M675 2012-on
SLX T675 2012-on
Saint M810 Pre-2012
Saint M820 2012-on
XT M775 Pre-2012
XT M785 2012-on
XT T785 2012-on
XTR M987 2012-on
XTR M988 2012-on
XTR M9020 2012-on
XTR M9000 2012-on
Zee M640 2012-on

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