All reviews (6) - Flat Socket Spanner - Fox/RockShox Forks

Blurboy Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 3rd September 2017
It works

Light precision engineering. This works just fine. Bought for a one off use only as installing a MRP ramp control.

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jedwards Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 29th August 2017
Great tool

Great tool for removing the air cap on my Rockshox Pike and Lyrik forks.

I originally used a socket but its easy to slip and round off the edges off the cap. this tool is a perfect fit with no chance of rounding off the cap.

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Gez9 Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 27th August 2017
Forks spanner

Good spanner that!

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barney Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 25th August 2017
great did the job needed

A lot cheaper than sockets and did the job as needed. Strong and was easy to use. Undid fork nut with no grief. Don't risk rounding off use one of these.

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Jennants Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 25th August 2017
Right tool for the job

Initially I was skeptical how a tool this light could withstand the torque levels required to loosen and tighten the air-shaft bolt. The precision fit was reassuring and it held and successfully unscrewed the factory tightened air-shaft bolt without snapping the spanner. Couldn't believe it does work ! Tightening it back was a doodle too.

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Harry Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 25th August 2017
Good quality - Good Value - Looks great

This tool is good quality, and provided at a reasonable price. Like that a range of sizes are available which is good if you want to fill the gaps in your tool set. I initially struggled to find a suitable tool for taking the cap off of my Rockshox Pike in order to put bottomless tokens in. (I initially bought the official rockshox one which was about twice the price, and it was sent in poor condition / used by the shop-Mark Anthony Bikes - avoid these guys).

The colour on these tools looks fantastic! I am tempted to get the full set even though I may not need them, it would be a nice to have.

The fact that the tool is designed (I believe) to engage all the edges of the cap, reduces the edge stress on the cap (and tool) which helps in taking the cap off without causing any damage. I like this a lot. Forks are expensive.

Condition, delivery and service were excellent and I bought a few more items while I was here. Will use this site again for sure, and would like to see a few more tools available (whilst keeping the focus on quality).

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