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Mineral Oil for Magura Brakes

Mineral Oil for Magura Brakes


  • Stock Mineral Oil brake fluid for your Magura brakes
  • Available in 50ml or 100ml containers
  • Highest quality and 100% compatible oil
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50ml Bottle
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100ml Bottle
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Replacement stock mineral oil brake fluid for your Magura rim or disc brakes. As supplied with our range of Magura brake bleed kits.

No fear of voiding your warranty or introducing the wrong brake fluid into your Magura brakes with this high quality, stock Magura mineral oil.

How much fluid do I need? Well, 50ml of brake fluid is enough to bleed a set of brakes (front and rear) once. 100ml will get you 2-3 bleeds. If your brakes haven't seen a bleed in over 2 years we recommend flushing the old stuff out, so you'll need at least 100ml brake fluid.

Join over 50,000 riders who've bled their brakes with us! Buy your Mineral Oil for Magura Brakes from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.


Never introduce mineral oil brake fluid into a brake designed to use DOT brake fluid. This can lead to seal damage, internal corrosion, voided warranties and unexpected brake behaviour.

Always be sure which brake fluid you need before bleeding. This information can often be found written on the brake lever, reservoir cap or in the documentation supplied with your brake/bike.


  • 1x Bottle of Mineral Oil for Magura brakes