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Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil

Tektro/TRP Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil Brake Fluid

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  • Compatible with all Tektro and TRP brakes
  • Includes 50ml of high quality Mineral Oil brake fluid
  • Mineral oil-specific syringes now included with every kit
  • Essential master cylinder bleed fitting & tubing included
  • Epic Bleed Block & rotor correction tool now included!
  • Full, easy-to-follow bleed instructions
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced brake bleeders
  • UK Delivery £1.99. FREE on orders over £20
Bleed Kit for Tektro/TRP brakes
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Our Tektro bleed kit offers you more than the official Tektro kit by providing the master cylinder bleed fitting and tube as standard - beware of other bleed kits that don't include this essential part. This is the definitive solution for servicing your hydraulic Tektro or TRP hydraulic brakes.

Includes 50ml of high quality Mineral Oil brake fluid - enough to bleed front and rear brakes once. Want more? Simply add an extra bottle to your order.

Our syringes have been designed without rubber plunger seals to ensure that they do not react with mineral oil brake fluid making them perfect for bleeding your Tektro/TRP brakes.

Compatible with all Tektro and TRP disc brakes including Quadiem G-Spec, Slate, Hy/Rd, Auriga, Draco, Gemini, Mota & Orion models.

Say no to expensive labour costs, and the two week wait at your local bike shop, let us guide you through the simple, DIY task of bleeding your own Tektro brakes. We're ready when you are.

We're not the only ones who think you'll love our Tektro Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil. Join over 50,000 riders who've bled their brakes with us! Buy your Tektro Bleed Kit & Mineral Oil from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.


  • 1x Injection syringe with tubing
  • 1x Aspiration syringe
  • 1x Lever bleed adaptor & hose
  • 1x Calliper bleed adaptor
  • 1x Elastic band
  • 1x Torx screwdriver bit
  • 2x Cable ties
  • 1x Bleed block/rotor correction tool
  • 1x Pair of nitrile (latex free) gloves
  • 1x 50ml Bottle of Mineral Oil Brake Fluid
  • Full step-by-step brake bleed instructions


shorts rider Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 29th June 2017
hydro brake bleed kit

completed brake bleed process as shown on instruction sheet and video. easy enough to do but unfortunately air is still in the system. awaiting response from tektro brakes in order to see if air is getting past the hydro seal in the brake lever.

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Chick with dirty fingernails Rating: 4/5 4 / 5 28th June 2017
Does the job, could be awesome with a tweak

Good value, functional and definitely better than the stock Tektro kit. What would make it perfect would be clamps on the tubes (like the Avid bleed kit) allowing you to install and remove the syringes without mess. Also, the included instructions are so general as to be tricky to comprehend, Fortunately, I have plenty of experience so I didn't really need them. A novice might struggle. Why not put model-specific instructions on this site and just provide a URL in the kit?

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Lanzasun Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 24th February 2017
Fantastic Product and Company

The product does exactly what it says and I would not hesitate to recommend both the product for quality and ease of use, and Alex for his customer service. On a personal note I wanted to have this product sent over to the Canary Islands and contacted Alex to see if this was possible, he was extremely helpful, posted the item and I received it in less than 5 working days which is amazing.

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Chrisandalf Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 27th September 2016
Easy bleed system

Simple to use, helps that I'm a mechanic lol,but easy to follow instructions and great service from Epic bleed. Well happy

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Jamie Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 25th September 2016
Great simple kit for the price

First time needing to bleed my brakes and replace the brake pads but the instructions provided and links to official tektro bleeding instructions made things relatively easy to understand. Wasn't a perfect bleed and was kind of messy, but I understood what I did wrong and I ultimately ended up with much better braking power than before. Everything I needed to bleed was included in the kit and easy to install - my only complaint would be that there didn't seem enough oil to fully bleed both brakes with too much room for error (not a problem if you just plan on refilling or aren't as messy as me).

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Clmkx Rating: 4/5 4 / 5 25th September 2016
Complete package

The kit worked very well although it did not fix my problem, new brake set is needed for that it seems.

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Scilly.Suffolk Rating: 5/5 5 / 5 24th September 2016
hydro novice gets away with it...

Re-built a MTB for a friend which involved servicing the discs: never been near a disc (apart from the aero type) before, let alone hydro. Thanks to this comprehensive kit and the idiot-proof instructions, he still has all his teeth! dentist/10: would buy again

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Is this bleed kit compatible with TRP Hy/Rd brakes?

Yes, this kit is compatible with all TRP hydraulic brakes including Hy/Rd.