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60ml High Pressure Locking Syringe

60ml High Pressure Locking Syringe

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  • Replacement high quality 60ml syringe.
  • Large barrel for high pressure brake bleeding.
  • Locking tip makes is easy to swap between our bleed adaptor fittings
  • 100% transparent barrel for higher visibility.
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Spare or replacement bleed syringe for use with our range of bleed kits

These medical grade syringes are the perfect tool when bleeding your brakes. With highly transparent barrels to help you eliminate all air within the syringe and ergonomic finger grips for greater control. Latex and PVC-free.

Larger barrel and plunger means higher pressure brake bleeding. Great for flushing brake lines of old fluid quickly and in one go - no need to re-fill.

Note: Secure locking connectors and tubing not included.

Join over 50,000 riders who've bled their brakes with us! Buy your 60ml High Pressure Locking Syringe from Epic Bleed Solutions - No.1 for mountain bike brake bleeding.


  • 1x 60ml High Pressure Locking Syringe