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Upgrade Your Bleed Kit for SRAM Bleeding Edge

Posted by Alex Mansell
SRAM Guide S4 calliper with Bleeding Edge bleed port and adapter.

If you have a set of SRAM brakes, with their newly designed S4 calliper (above), you will no doubt have noticed that the calliper bleed port, and bleeding procedure, have changed. Welcome to 2017.

Across their range of hydraulic products, including brakes and dropper posts, SRAM is quickly rolling out their new Bleeding Edge Technology. For you, this means that your trusty old Avid Bleed Kit will no longer cut the mustard when the time comes for a full bleed of the system. It means – new kit!

Now, we all know cyclists love nothing more than shiny new kit, except when it is forced upon us by a change in standard, and that is exactly what is happening to all of SRAM’s stoppers this year.

Step forward the SRAM Bleeding Edge tool.

The new SRAM Bleeding Edge tool with traditional Avid/SRAM bleed adapter circled.

The first thing you will notice is just how different the tip of this tool is compared with the bleed adapters of old (circled). That’s because it does more than just allow fluid to pass through its lumen, it also opens and closes the system negating the need to fully remove the bleed port screw from the calliper. So it seems there are some advantages of the redesign.

Does this mean a whole new bleed kit?

Not quite. We’re currently working on our own bleed solution to the S4 calliper, but in the meantime, if you had the Bleeding Edge tool supplied with your brakes or bike, there’s a neat little trick to get it to fit our range of bleed kits.

Things you'll need:

  • SRAM’s Bleeding Edge tool
  • Epic Bleed Kit
  • Sharp knife

Step 1

Take one of the syringe assemblies from your existing bleed kit. Using a sharp knife, make a 5mm slit along the tubing from the base of the red tube adapter - just long enough to release the tubing from the adapter.


Step 2

Remove the tubing from the red adapter by pulling the two pieces apart.


Step 3

Take the Bleeding Edge tool. Remove the syringe adapters from the tail end, first by unscrewing the adapters and then pulling firmly to separate the tubing.


Step 4

Now push the tubing of the Bleeding Edge tool over the red tubing adapter of your bleed syringe making a secure connection. If necessary, you can trim the tubing with your knife to clean up the end of the tube before connecting it to the syringe.

Step 5

Bleed your brakes! Your Epic bleed kit is now up-to-date and able to bleed the latest range of SRAM brakes.


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Alex Mansell is the founder of Epic Bleed Solutions, blogger and mountain bike enthusiast. His blog focuses primarily on providing guidance to fellow MTB enthusiasts during brake bleeding. Follow Alex on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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