What they say about us..

We use Epic's kits in the workshop on a daily basis. Simple to use, OEM quality and at this price they're a no-brainer!

Robin Thorn, SJS Cycles

Easily on par with Genuine brands we've used previously, with the added benefit of low cost, clear concise instructions and the useful addition of protective gloves and Torx bit. Uberbike Components recommended!

Everything required to complete a full bleed of the brake system is provided. Easily as good as the OEM kits if not slightly better!

Dave Whittle, Thorn Cycles

Great kits with easy to read instructions and rapid delivery. No need to buy official kits when you can pay half the price for the same quality at Epic Bleed Solutions.

Jonny Smart, TrailScotland

..compact & tucks away nicely in your toolbox. Cheap, no nonsense and does its job. Easy to follow instructions - well worth a look!

Iain 'Ace' Woodley, Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine

It’s great being able to offer our customers a good value alternative to the expensive OE bleed kits. Although less expensive the quality is just as good. We haven’t sold a genuine Avid bleed kit since we started to stock Epic kits!

Jack Swinnerton,

It's an easy to use [Avid] bleed kit that packs nicely away and will be going racing with me in case I need to work on the brakes. Serious value for money!

Iain Woodley, Hard Tail Nation

Easy to use thanks to the clear, concise instructions. Bled my Avid Elixirs, drip-free, in 10 minutes and have restored the power and feel to my brakes.

I need products that will last and perform well. This kit is perfect! Great quality and all the parts you need at a great price! I won't be looking anywhere else for bleed kits!

Dean Underwood, Revolution Cycle Repair